got sex,

Yeah my friends, I got some tail last night, she was beautiful, long silky hair, pretty puppy dog eyes, a sex collar around her neck and a sexy long tounge, yes mang. My neighbor was sleeping, almost got away with it, until she started barkig, woke him right up, that suck.

How is everyone doin out there?
Wanna party with me?
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You should totally join.
We discuss WHY boys are skanks, and HOW boys are skanks.

It's harmless, just simple girltalk =)
Because we know how much boys can be skanks,
except of course
for the occasional few =)


I feel like I can't find any good, solid, updated communities about sex. And I, for one, would like to share some of my experiences and hear from others. Sometimes you don't always want to dish all the gory details with friends you see everyday, so I thought this might be a good outlet for people. Who knows, we'll see if this gets any response. :)
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