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I feel like I can't find any good, solid, updated communities about sex. And I, for one, would like to share some of my experiences and hear from others. Sometimes you don't always want to dish all the gory details with friends you see everyday, so I thought this might be a good outlet for people. Who knows, we'll see if this gets any response. :)
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good idea. ^_^ it's great to have people to talk to about sex and such-whatnot
Awesome! Glad you think so, too. :)
awesome, im joining to get this community started
im a gemini and i love sex
the community name caught my eye and i cant wait to start having fun here
Awesome! Thanks for joining, look forward to getting this started!

Also, love your icon. :)
thanks x 2;)
Hey, if you have a chat messenger, any of them, and wanna chew the cock... er fat, lemme know.